Introducing....Creotivity Blog

We make our own traditions. We break rules & create new ones. We eat out AND we eat in. We celebrate special occasions. We plan impromptu gatherings. We laugh AND we cry over a glass of wine. We definitely do brunch. Daytime barbecues turn into dinner. Dinner parties turn into Spotify sing-alongs. We enjoy life. 

     “No one looks back on their life and remembers                                             the nights they had plenty of sleep.”                                                                                               - unknown

We want you to enjoy it so much the memories make you chuckle to yourself (…about that one time…). 

Creo is about these special moments and we want to be there to help you prepare for it. We’ll be there when your family and friends ‘ooo’ and ‘ahhh’ as you place your culinary delights on the table. Hey, it might not be perfect, but to them it’s a masterpiece because time, thought and love went into it. And that’s all that matters. 

The Creotivity blog is a place you can come to be inspired, to relate, to observe and maybe to join. We’ll talk about food, delve deep into entertaining and everything in-between. We can’t wait to share our memories with you and make new ones along the way.


Posted on April 8, 2016 .